Media Appearances

National publications, podcasts and conferences have published, interviewed and/or hosted Dee Bowden, Founder of BCS Solutions and author of Collect the Cash. Below are links to these articles and podcasts. Dee is available for interviews and speaking engagements and you can schedule a call with her below.


Meet Dee Bowden

December, 2023

Insights from Dee Bowden: A Quick Intro to Effective Accounts Receivable Management

May, 2023

Money in the Bank | PPP

Apr, 2023

Meet Dee Bowden | Creator/Author of Collect the Cash

Feb, 2023

How to Reduce Past Due Invoices

Dec, 2022

Hoinser Queens 2022

Oct, 2022

Voyage ATL

Sept, 2022

Voyage Baltimore

Aug, 2022

Published & Black Magazine

Jul, 2022

PDC Flow

Dec, 2021

Tap In Magazine

Dec, 2021

Q4 Success for Business Owners | Tips to Collect Activity

Dec, 2021

Taking Positive Steps for a Prosperous 2022

Nov, 2021

Q4 Success for Business Owners

Nov, 2021

Pretty Women Hustle

Oct, 2021

SBN: Navigating Challenging Negotiations

Jun, 2021

Shoutout Atlanta

May, 2021

VIP Global Magazine

Apr, 2021

Yahoo! Finance

Apr, 2021

Going North Podcast

Mar, 2021

Courageous Woman Magazine

Feb, 2021

Sheen Magazine

Jan, 2021

Cheryl Magazine

Jan, 2021

Market Watch

Dec, 2020


Oct, 2020

The Greatness Engineering Magazine

Oct, 2020

Courageous Woman Magazine

Aug, 2020

Voyage ATL

May, 2020

Business Authority Radio

Nov, 2019

Thrive Global – Money Matters

Sept, 2019

Channelizing Integrated Cash Flow Strategies

Aug, 2019

Sealing the Money Leaks: 5 Ways to Secure Your Cash Flow

Feb, 2019 – Exit Strategy

Jan, 2019

Exciting B2B Startups to Watch Out For in 2019

Podcast Interviews

How to Collect the Cash as a Business Owner

The SmallBizChat Podcast

The Money Move Every Entrepreneur Needs to Make

EC Podcast Media

The Keys You Need to Know to Collect the Cash You've Earned

How to Collect the Cash with guest Dee Bowden

Bulletproof Selling

Ghosted? What to Do When a Client Doesn’t Pay Up!

Sales are Great, BUT Cash is King!

The Joyful Scaling Podcast

Joanne Victoria

The “Secret Sauce” to Overcoming Adversity

BOSS Talk Radio

BOOST Podcast

How to Handle Debts During the Pandemic

Lets Talk Business

Recovering Your Money with Dee Bowden

T.H.E. Cash Flow Backbone

WJMS Media

Fixing Your Business

Untangling Bad Debt to Collect

I AM CEO Podcast

Money, Power & Success


Zone of Genius with Ramon Ray

Profit Accelerator

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Dee has a wealth of information to share with small to medium sized business owners about financial viability and making sure they can collect the money that’s owed to them. She’d love to share her expertise with you and your audience!

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