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Book Release On 11-17-2021

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The Collective

The I AM SHE Collective experience is a one of a kind Photographic Anthology, a compilation of powerful stories and photography to highlight the Bold, Fierce, Instinctive, Protective and Strong characteristics of a woman. Lindria Dockett is the eye behind the lens that has captured the beautiful photos and the visionary of this amazing experience. I am delighted to have my story shared in the anthology Check out my story and learn how I regained my ROAR.

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About Authors

Dee Bowden website

Dee Bowden

Dee Bowden is an author and revenue recovery consultant. Dee works with companies that have outstanding invoices for services/products provided but not yet paid.

Dee’s favorite money statement is, “The Sale is Not Complete Until the Money is in the Bank!”

Dee and her team have recovered $13.5 million over the past 10 years.

Dee has been featured in Forbes, Black Enterprise, Thrive Global and Success Profile Magazines.

Dee is the founder of BCS Solutions where she and her talented team educate business owners about the importance of tracking client accounts.

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