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Are You Collecting all that’s Owed to You?

Collected Millions of Dollars.

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Why Choose Us

  • 10 Years of Experience in the Collections Industry
  • 85% Collection Rate Among All Our Industries
  • 50+ Happy Stories
  • Recognized as Best Revenue Recovery Specialist in 2021, 2020
  • Recognized by the US Coast Guard Headquarters
  • I’ve Served Small, Medium and MNC Companies all around the US
  • Featured on Forbes, ABC News, Fox News, Market Watch

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Who We Serve

We serve small and medium size IT, Software and Telecom companies.

What We Do

We collect outstanding invoices that are 30/60/90 Days past due and improve companies cashflow.

Our Services


Let BCS Solutions come in and train your existing collections team!


You have the executive team, but you need a plan! Let BCS Solutions work with your accounts receivables team to discover and fix the root of the payment issues.

Outsource Collections

If your company has accounts that are 30/60/90 days past due and you don’t have the time or resources to collect consider outsourcing them to BCS Solutions.

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Rave Reviews

“Before Dee arrived, [the United States Coast Guard] USCG had many MIPRs that sat for years and hundreds of thousands of dollars were tied up in MIPR UDOs. Since Dee arrived, we have closed out dozens of MIPRs and in the process recouped thousands of dollars in UDO balances. Her contributions have helped us close out over 900 actions while bringing back over $18.3 million to USCG and the U.S. Treasury.”

– N. Dolezal

Let’s Collaborate

We work with you to develop the best strategy for your company needs.

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Need Help With Recovering Your Money?

Dee is the Revenue Recovery Specialist, she has worked in industries like IT, Software and Telecom and recovered $13 Million dollars.  Wanted to talk with Dee? Schedule a call with Dee below.

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