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Collect The Cash

Learn how to collect the cash with my proven strategies that helped me to recover $20 Million in Unpaid Invoices!

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5 Steps to Collect The Cash

Learn how to collect the cash with my proven strategies that helped me to recover $20 Million in Unpaid Invoices!

Cash Flow is the Lifeline of Your Business

5 easy ways to recover revenue and increase your profits IMMEDIATELY!

In business nothing moves until something is sold. After working so hard to get the sale, should you have to work even harder to get paid?

Every minute spent on revenue recovery is another minute taken from building your legacy. Don’t let your customers rob you. An honest day’s work should result in an honest day’s pay.

Let me tell you a little about me.

I have consulted with major corporations and government agencies on revenue recovery and have collected millions in only a few short months. In 2016, the United States Coast Guard recognized me for recovering $7.5 million in only 12 months.

That’s an average of $625k per month. 

Rest assured that I can help your business too!
As a small business owner, every dollar earned today is vital to tomorrow.

No amount is too small to collect because they all add up to one thing.
You will be going out of business if you don’t get paid.

The bottom line is this. Your customers are probably small business owners just like you. Without a doubt, they are paying someone to maintain their business operations.

Why aren’t they paying you?

All that stops now. My course will give you 5 easy steps to getting what you have earned.

These are the exact strategies that I used to recover $7.5 million dollars for the Coast Guard and they will be successful for you as well. 

Learn How to Collect the Cash

Let me Show You How to Collect Your Money!

In This Collect the Cash I’ll Show You How To:

Set Realistic Goals for Collections

In this module you will learn about goal setting for cash collections so that you can achieve consistent revenue every month in your business.

Identify Easy Accounts

In this module you will learn how to identify the easy accounts so that you can design a process/strategy to collect the old and owed money.

Believe It Can Be Collected

In this module you will learn why mindset is necessary and needs to change to improve your company’s cash flow.

Write It Down

In this module you will learn why writing down how much you plan to collect for the month provides clarity and builds confidence in becoming a better problem solver.

Affirm It

In this module you will learn the benefit of positive thinking and expressing gratitude for your customers will help you build a bridge of trust and reduce stress.

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My corporate clients gladly pay thousands of dollars for my services.

However, everyone doesn’t have hundreds of thousands of dollars in uncollected revenue outstanding. You may only have a few thousands or even just a few hundred. Maybe you don’t have any uncollected revenue and you want to keep it that way.

If this is you, you need to purchase this self-paced, online masterclass now!

But you must hurry. This is a limited time offer. Once we have 25 entrepreneurs enrolled, I have to shut the doors for a little while so that I can reasonably manage the Live Q&A sessions.

Don’t worry though, I will reopen them in Q2 and you will have another opportunity.

I can’t guarantee the price will be the same.

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Recovering Revenue is what I do.


Learn How to Collect the Cash


What Our Client Say

“Before Dee arrived, [the United States Coast Guard] USCG had many MIPRs that sat for years and hundreds of thousands of dollars were tied up in MIPR UDOs. Since Dee arrived, we have closed out dozens of MIPRs and in the process recouped thousands of dollars in UDO balances. Her contributions have helped us close out over 900 actions while bringing back over $18.3 million to USCG and the U.S. Treasury.”
N. Dolezal
“For three decades Dee Bowden has perfected the science and art of contract closeouts. Recovering more than $50 million in government contract debt, Ms. Bowden has achieved the highest performance level in returning money to publicly funded projects. While most debt recovery firms commit to marginal returns on outstanding debt, Ms. Bowden’s expertise in investigating unresolved debt audits has earned her awards and esteem over her lengthy career.”
S. Jackson

Meet Your Facilitator

Dee Bowden website

Dee Bowden

Cash Collecting Expert

Dee Bowden is an Author and Revenue Recovery Consultant. She serves companies that have old and owed monies due for services/products provided but not yet paid.

Dee believes in the statement, “How Secure is Your Cash Flow! The Sale is Not Complete Until the Money is in the Bank.” In 2016 Dee was recognized by the United States Coast Guard Headquarters for recovering $7.5 Million dollars in one year. 

Dee was featured in Black Enterprise magazine for her article, “Sealing the Money Leaks: 5 Ways to Secure Your Cash Flow.” She is a graduate of Steve Harvey’s Act Like a Success School of Business Acceleration and has been a guest on several Podcasts sharing her message, “How Secure is Your Cash Flow.” 

Dee has been a digital facilitator and an Ambassador for Success Women’s Conference with Robin Roberts, Lisa Nichols, Iyanla Vanzant and Gloria Mayfield Banks. She is the founder of BCS Solutions.

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