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Collect The Cash
“The Sale is not Complete Until the Money is in the Bank!”

Collections are uncomfortable for everyone involved on both ends of the unfinished transaction.

In this book you will discover that the sale is not complete until the money is in the bank … but you must collect it first!

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About the Book

Collect the Cash is a must-have tool for business owners who recognize the importance of having a positive cash flow for goods and services sold.

Readers will learn:

  • Problem Solving
  • Customer Service
  • Gratitude

Many businesses base their success on the amount of sales, forgetting however that the sale is not truly complete until the money is in the bank.

Unpaid invoices can have negative consequences on the health of the business, as well as the health of the business owner. Collecting on these unpaid invoices will benefit your business in ways you cannot begin to imagine.

Revenue recovery is a skill and Dee Bowden has developed proven strategies to ensure successful collections including mindset over money, how to create an effective collections team, and other processes to ensure you are able to successfully collect pending payments.

Having collected over thirteen million dollars in outstanding debt, Dee wants businesses to not leave any money on the table so that businesses are not just surviving but thriving!

Dee Bowden website

Dee Bowden

Dee Bowden is an author and revenue recovery consultant. Dee works with companies that have outstanding invoices for services/products provided but not yet paid.

Dee’s favorite money statement is, “The Sale is Not Complete Until the Money is in the Bank!”

Dee and her team have recovered $13.5 million over the past 10 years.

Dee has been featured in Forbes, Black Enterprise, Thrive Global and Success Profile Magazines.

Dee is the founder of BCS Solutions where she and her talented team educate business owners about the importance of tracking client accounts.

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